About Lois Childs-O’Neal

Vice President

Lois Childs-O’Neal is the Lead Family Coordinator/Certified Peer Support Specialist Professional with Community Counseling’s (Region 7) CAN of the Golden Triangle’s System of Care program, which offers children and youth a non-traditional approach to Mental Health Counseling.

Along with being a CPSSP, she has the CPSS Parent and Caregiver training, PSS Supervision Training, and holds certification from the Mississippi Leadership Academy, Personal Measures Outcomes Interviewing, Business Technology and Computer Repair.  She is also Provisionally Certified as a Community Support Specialist.  She is a graduate of Mississippi State University with a B.S. in Special Education.

Lois enjoys working with children and youth helping them to understand that they can have a mental illness and still lead productive lives.  She also enjoys working with women in recovery from substance abuse, helping them to understand that we can and do recover from drugs and alcohol and can go on to lead exciting productive lives.