About Nichole Wray

Nichole Wray has worked for NFusionX since January 28, 2019 as a Family Peer Support Specialist for the Crossover grant. Nichole was certified as a Peer Support Specialist in March of 2019 and recently has become a NAMI Affiliate. Nichole has dreams of becoming an ambassador for the Family/Caregiver portion of the Certified Peer Support Specialist training. Nichole teaches Shoulder to Shoulder parenting classes each month for three counties, and works with a colleague to teach parenting class once a week at Meridians Weems Children and Youth. As a Family Peer Support Specialist she works closely with the parent/caregivers and families who have children that are involved in child protective services, alternative school and juvenile justice system, or at risk for either one of those things. Nichole’s job as a Family Peer Support Specialist is to be the person that the parent/caregiver can relate to. Nichole will also work with the youth at times as she has been through some of the same trials as most of the youth, which makes them trust her as they feel she understands how they feel. Nichole supports all Families in a special way that makes them know that she is there for them whenever needed.